IP Phone Services

The telephone is one of the most important business tools, and the provision of reliable, cost-effective telephone services is one of Genisyst’s primary service offerings. We provide call termination services, CTS, also known as Voice-over-IP or VoIP services to our business customers via highly reliable ethernet network connections or, for small businesses, via an ordinary ADSL connection. Our CTS server is located in our Sydney datacentre at GlobalSwitch and provides access for outgoing and incoming calls to and from the traditional telephone network.

With Genisyst CTS telephone services you rent telephone numbers and telephone lines separately. For example you might rent one number for your main telephone service and another for your fax. Although you would rent one line for the fax you might rent several lines for your main telephone service so that you can make and receive multiple calls at the same time.

Increasing or reducing the number of lines is very straightforward and one of the many advantages of CTS over ordinary telephone services.

The pricing of Genisyst CTS services is very attractive and offers significant savings over traditional telephone services. Prices ex-GST are as follows:

Service Price (ex-GST)
Line rental $6.00 per month
Number rental $6.00 per month
Local & national calls 9¢ untimed
Calls to mobiles 18¢ per minute

Genisyst supplies PABXs, like the Quadro4L, and VoIP handsets, like the Snom-320, for use with CTS services, with options for traditional telephone lines connected to the PABX, which gives users the option of mixing traditional and CTS telephone service use.

Snom300Snom300 VoIP Handset

Quadro4L Front        Quadro4L PABX

Download the following datasheet for information on our call termination services, also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details or call 02 8999 0909.

 IP Phone Services datasheet