• supports both Windows and Mac
  • can backup locally as well as remotely
  • multiple backup sets and flexible backup schedules
  • sends detailed reports by email

The data held in business computer systems is one of the most valuable intangible assets of the business. Securing that data and ensuring that the business can recover from the breakdown of hardware, the failure of software, serious processing errors or any of the myriad ways data can be lost or corrupted is one of the most important business priorities.

It has long been recognised that one facet of data security is to hold a copy of data off-site in a facility separate from the company’s offices. Genisyst Backup provides just such a service, with customer backup data stored in our datacentre at GlobalSwitch, Sydney. Data is transferred from the customer system to GlobalSwitch daily, usually at night, over a secure internet connection.

Genisyst’s Data Centre, located in Sydney’s premiere data centre, GlobalSwitch.

3 months FREE trial

for up to 50GB of data, with NO obligation
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Simply run this file once it has downloaded, follow the wizard to set it up, (our server details will already be entered for you), you'll just need to choose a login name and password and enter your email address to begin your trial.

If you are interested in continuing with Genisyst's backup service once your free trial is complete, pricing is as follows:

Data Size Monthly (ex-GST)
50GB $45.00
100GB $75.00
500GB $188.00
1TB $263.00
2TB $450.00

*For requirements larger than 2TB, please contact our sales team.

Example Network Diagram: A simple representation of how our backup service is setup for your office:

Download the following datasheet for information on our backup services:

    Backup Services datasheet

Download the following technical note for information on our backup services, Genisyst A-Click Backup Client, or the Genisyst Online Backup Manager:

    Backup Services technical note

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