Why have a Domain Name?

Do you have an email address like ? If you are running a business you could have an address like which looks much better. So how would you achieve that? What you would do is register your own domain name, in this example You could also use your domain as the address for a company website, eg If you would like us to set up your domain name, email or phone us on 1300 464 364. You can search for a domain name you would like on the domain page of the Genisyst website, which is under the products menu.

Because computers use numbers, known as IP Addresses, for internet addressing, there is a system for associating IP Addresses with Domain Names. This system is called a Domain Name Server or DNS and is maintained by ISPs like Genisyst. The DNS holds information about the IP Addresses of website servers and email servers so that people anywhere in the world can send a message to, for example, and it actually reaches you, or look for the website and see your website pages.