Are you Moving? What About your ADSL?

Is your office relocating? Or are you are moving house? If this is the case and you are currently using a Genisyst Broadband ADSL service, there are a few important steps which should be followed in order to ensure that an internet connection is up and running at your new location as quickly and smoothly as possible. Note that ADSL connections cannot be moved, what actually happens is that the old connection is cancelled and a new connection is installed at the new location. This is the case even if the telephone number at the new location is the same as the telephone number at the old location and applies whoever is providing the telephone line or the ADSL service.

Arrange for, or ask Genisyst to install an ordinary PSTN telephone line at your new location. Specify that this line is required for use as an ADSL line, and that the ADSL service will be provided by a third party (ie Genisyst). This line must be installed and working with dial-tone before you order the new Genisyst ADSL service.

One important feature of ADSL connections that you must bear in mind when moving location is that when the legal owner of an ordinary PSTN line changes, any ADSL connection on that telephone line is dropped. This is the case whoever is providing the telephone line or the ADSL service. This ensures that new owners of telephone lines don’t get billed for ADSL services set up by previous owners. It means that you must ensure you are the legal owner of the ordinary PSTN line prior to ordering the ADSL service.

Once you know when your move is due, contact Genisyst via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone on 1300 464 364, to supply us with your relocation details. You should include:

  • Current address and contact details (Include e-mail addresses, contact numbers, and the phone number at your current location which has an active Genisyst ADSL connection).
  • The address you are relocating to, and up to date contact details (Include emailaddresses, contact numbers, and the phone number at your new location on which you want us to install your new ADSL connection).
  • Specify if you would like to stay on the same plan you were using at your previous location, or if you would like to upgrade or make any changes.

Do not cancel your current ordinary PSTN telephone line before informing us about your plans to relocate.

You will then be notified about all costs involved, any applicable contract details, and if the telephone line at your new location is suitable for an ADSL connection. We will send an order form for you to fill out, and once you have returned it via email or fax, we will begin to process the order.