"My internet connection is running slow..."

From time to time we get calls from users saying that their internet connection is running slowly. Below are some tips to help you resolve this issue.

Have you tried a different computer?
If you browse the internet on a different computer on your LAN and find that your speed issue is gone, it is likely that your connection is fine, and your speed problems are caused by a problem on the computer itself.

Is there a large outgoing email stream?
If someone in your organization has sent an email with a large attachment to multiple recipients this will often absorb the upload bandwidth of your internet connection for a considerable period of time, resulting in significantly restricted download performance. This is one of the most common causes of an apparently slow internet connection. Bear in mind that the upload bandwidth is many times less than the download bandwidth of an ADSL connection.

Are you connected via Local Wireless?
If you are using a laptop or other wireless device to connect to your internet router/access point, it’s possible that the wireless setup is causing the speed problems. You can determine if this is the case by browsing the internet on a PC, or other device which isn’t connected wirelessly, and making a comparison. It’s possible that signal interference is the cause for slow browsing when using wireless. Some steps you can take to counter this possibility include moving closer to the wireless router/access point, placing the wireless router/access point away from physical obstructions, reflective surfaces, electrical equipment - all of which can result in poor wireless signal.

Do you have programs/applications running in the background?
Running multiple programs at once on your PC can not only cause the PC itself to become sluggish, but depending on the nature of the programs you are running, they can collectively consume “Bandwidth”, which will effectively result in a slow-feeling connection. It is common for some programs to run in the background, hidden in the taskbar, such as virus scanning software. It is important to note that background programs also consume resources.

Is your connection shared amongst a group of computers?
When multiple computers share a connection on a LAN, a slow browsing experience may be the result of a congested connection within your office, ie – multiple users in the office browsing the internet simultaneously will cause a decrease in your individual internet browsing speed.

Have you checked your computer for Virus/Spyware/Malware infections?
Sluggish internet performance can often be a direct result of a Virus infection. Be sure to keep your anti-virus software updated and active. System scans should be performed on a regular basis.

Have you checked your modem/router's status?
Make sure that the "ADSL" light is solid on your modem/router, if not, reset it by pulling out the power cord, counting to 10 and replugging the cord back in. If you have checked everything you can think of, also reset the modem/router. If the problem persists, contact Genisyst.