Virtual Private Networks Require Fixed IP Addresses

One of the great user advantages of Broadband (ADSL and SHDSL) is that it provides connections that make inter-office wide area networks a reality. With Broadband connections you can provide the user with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect their offices together over the internet.

Encrypted tunnels are used to make these inter-office communications private. This encryption is done by the firewall device (for example the Routefinder RF550VPN) at each office. However, you do need to make sure

that the Broadband connection you choose for the user is provided with a fixed IP address (eg Some Broadband providers do not offer fixed IP addresses, or only offer them on some of their Broadband offerings (typically their more expensive offerings).

So make sure when you are purchasing a Broadband connection for a potential VPN user that you choose a Broadband provider, like Genisyst Broadband, who provides fixed IP addresses.