...But My Friend George is a SPAM****mer!!

or I want to be more aggressive deleting SPAM emails but don’t want to miss my emails from George. I would like to delete emails that are tagged as SPAM altogether but emails from my friend George are always tagged as SPAM (George likes forwarding funny jokes) ...,

If the above sounds like you, you can now decrease the score at which you delete emails but ensure that you still receive your emails from George. (If you aren’t already deleting your SPAMs automatically have a look at our SPAM Filtering tech tip on how to set this up).

  • Login to the webmail system at:, (This uses your email accountid, not your email address as the userid)
  • Click the Filters link at the top of the Inbox area in the centre of window
  • You will see your existing SPAM rule listed at spot 1
  • Click on the ‘Add a New Rule’ button, you will be taken to a new screen
  • Enter the email address you are receiving emails from that you want to keep, into the top section, see the example below
  • Select the "Keep" action and the "STOP" additional action. This will cause all emails from the entered email address to be kept and no further rules will be processed on that message. See the example below
  • Once completed, click the ‘Add New Rule’ button
  • This will take you back to the front screen, except now you will have 2 rules. Click the check box on your newly created “From” rule and then click the triangle ‘Move Up’ icon on the right hand side. This will ensure that it gets processed before your SPAM rule.

You are now finished. Click on the INBOX link (lefthand column) or Sign Out. However, if you would like to delete messages with a lower SPAM

score now that you know you will be getting George’s emails you can go back into the filters area and click the edit icon for the SPAM rule (small page with a pencil)

  • Click the Advanced Spam Filter button
  • Lower the value of the Target Score (I wouldn’t advise anything <6, default value is 12)
  • Apply the changes
  • You are now finished. Click on the INBOX link (lefthand column) or Sign Out.