SPAM Filtering

SPAM continues to be a problem on the internet with some estimates that it makes up more than 94% of world-wide email traffic. To help deal with this problem you can implement the filtering technique described in this article.

Login to your webmail page at (Login using your account ID, not your actual email address). Start by clicking the "Filters" link on the top menu of the page, to setup spam filtering. If this is the first time you have setup a filter, you will be greeted with a message similar to the one in the image below. Click the "Add a new rule" button to proceed to the next step. (See Figure 1)

In the next section you will be asked to specify conditions for the spam filtering. This series of conditions, will determine what will happen to mail that matches the conditions you define. In this example we have chosen the "Header", "=> is greater or equal to", "X-Spam-Score", and "8". What this means is, any emails with a Spam Score in the header which is equal to or more than 8, will have the action you define in the next step, applied to it. *NOTE: The higher you set the X-Spam-Score number, the less effective the spam filtering will be. However, we recommend that this is set to a value of at least 6. (See Figure 2)

Under the “Action” menu, select “Discard Silently”, this will simply remove any incoming spam which is caught by the filter, without a fuss. At the “Additional Actions” menu, tick “STOP: If this rule matches, do not check any rules after it.” – This ensures that if any mail matches up with the filtering conditions you have set, it will simply perform the actions needed, and nothing else needs to be done at this point. Click, “Add New Rule”, to apply these changes. You are now finished.

Figure 1.

Figure 2.