Genisyst is a specialist provider of Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

MPLS is a data-carrying mechanism, independent of the access technologies, in which data packets are assigned short path labels. This allows different kinds of traffic, including IP, Frame Relay, ATM or Ethernet to be integrated seamlessly over a single network. Genisyst can use MPLS to build you an intelligent network which takes advantage of the best technologies while remaining economical.

A VPN simply extends a private network across the public network, enabling your head office to communicate with your remote offices while maintaining all of your functionality, security and management policies, through an encrypted virtual point to point connection.

Genisyst's experienced technical team can design, implement across Australia, and manage the MPLS VPN that your business needs.

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Example Diagram Integrating WAN Edge with MPLS MAN

The following diagram represents how an MPLS Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) can be connected to the rest of the network, there are three different ways represented here. Via direct connectivity with campus, via back-to-back PEs with MPLS MAN, or via direct connectivity with MPLS MAN.


For further details on this diagram refer to Cisco's Next Generation Enterprise MPLS VPN-Based WAN Design and Implementation Guide