Genisyst Server Hosting on physical and virtual servers

Genisyst provides customers with hosting of servers and firewalls in our Sydney datacentre. We host physical servers and firewalls belonging to customers and also host virtual servers and firewalls for customers on our VMware servers. Genisyst is a member of the VMware Virtual Server Partner Program (VSPP) and runs an Enterprise Plus datacentre.

Virtual servers provide a cost-effective solution for customers with modest server and firewall requirements. They also provide an option for customers requiring multiple servers for different applications without the need for separate physical servers. A typical application is the provision of two servers running different operating systems.

The Genisyst offering provides customers with great flexibility, with the option to increase the virtual server’s memory allocation, the number of CPUs, the available disk storage, the amount of pre-paid data bandwidth for the combination of downloaded and uploaded internet data, and an option for extra IP address space, for example the allocation of a /29 space.

Genisyst has a Microsft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) and offers the monthly rental of Microsoft software. Contact us for details of this highly cost-effective option.

The Genisyst virtual server offering provides customers with a highly-customisable facility at a competitive price:

Virtual Server Monthly Cost (ex-GST)
Base* $65.00
Extra RAM $30.00/GB
Extra vCPU $10.00/vCPU
Extra Disk $1.00/GB
Extra Bandwidth~ $1.00/GB
Extra IPaddress $5.00/IPaddress
MS Window Server^ $35.00

*Base is 1G RAM, 1vCPU, 50GB Disk, 50GB Bandwidth~, 1 IPaddress.
~Upload and Download counted.
^Unlimited users, MS Windows software has many options, contact us.


The Genisyst Sydney datacentre is located in Sydney’s premier datacentre, GlobalSwitch. Our own routers, servers and network connections are installed there.

GlobalSwitch is Australia's largest carrier-neutral facility - delivering highly resilient, secure IT space.

 Server Hosting datasheet

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