Genisyst remote PABX configuration and management

A private automatic branch exchange PABX solves the complexity of connecting numerous organisational telephones to a smaller number of external lines.

The Quadro4L PABX, pictured below, is a typical example of an exchange that we supply our customers.


Some of the features of this exchange include:

  • call queue - incoming callers can be held in a queue
  • extension status - receptionist can monitor extension's phone status
  • call hold, call transfer, call waiting
  • three-way conferencing
  • call blocking - prevents calls from selected numbers from ringing through
  • hide your caller ID
  • do not disturb
  • while away from the phone - receive notifications by text message, voice mail, or redirect your number
  • conveniences - intercom, auto-redial, speed dial, directory, paging
  • hold music
  • cost saving with call routing - determine the least expensive way to make a call or the least congested path to take.
  • distinctive ringtones

There are a lot of great features in a PABX that can be quite complicated to configure. At Genisyst we spend the time working out what needs your company have for your telephone system and then we configure your PABX before we send it to you. We ensure:

  • IP addresses are set correctly so your PABX can be seamlessly integrated into your network
  • handsets have their extension numbers programmed in
  • VoIP calls are secured and encrypted before they travel out over your data lines
  • the PABX settings are optimised to give the user a clear, crisp sound on voice calls

Once your PABX is installed and working at your office, we can manage it remotely. This means you can save money on call-out costs and get your requirements seen to quickly and efficiently. We can:

  • setup your voicemail, sending your messages either to your phone or your email
  • organise your call routing requirements
  • arrange any vacation messages you may need

For further details email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 02 8999 0909