Genisyst Routers

A router is a device that forwards data packets between computer networks. There are many different routers available and Genisyst can help you find the right one to suit your requirements.

We can supply Cisco Routers, which deliver industry-leading performance and advanced IP services over all WAN technologies, including XDSL, Gigabit Ethernet, 3G and 4G, and fiber.

For example, Cisco 800 Series Routers:

  • Pervasive WAN connectivity facilitating consistent IT policy management across all devices
  • Fixed yet flexible configuration
  • Single-box voice and data solution

We can also supply Netcomm Wireless Routers with Gigabit WAN, VoIP and USB, which offer multiple connection options designed to suit all of your communication needs well into the future.

NetComm NB16WV Wireless Router:

  • ADSL2+ modem with Gigabit WAN port - connect to ADSL2+ now and make a smooth transition to fiber later
  • FXS port for making cost-effective online calls
  • 2 USB host ports for a 3G/4G modem to give you mobile internet access, and for a hard drive for storage

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