Genisyst supplies PABXs (Private Automated Branch Exchange), like the Quadro4L, for use with IP phone services, with options for traditional telephone lines connected to the PABX, which gives users the option of mixing traditional and IP telephone service use.

This is a Quadro4L PABX, which is an example of an exchange we supply our customers.

At Genisyst we can configure your PABX for you to ensure it performs all the tasks that you require it to, and we can also remotely manage your PABX for you implementing any changes or new requirements that you might have.

Some of the features of the Quadro4L PABX include:

  • call queue - incoming callers can be held in a queue
  • extension status - receptionist can monitor extension's phone status
  • call hold, call transfer, call waiting
  • three-way conferencing
  • call blocking - prevents calls from selected numbers from ringing through
  • hide your caller ID
  • do not disturb
  • while away from the phone - receive notifications by text message, voice mail, or redirect your number
  • conveniences - intercom, auto-redial, speed dial, directory, paging
  • hold music
  • cost saving with call routing - determine the least expensive way to make a call or the least congested path to take
  • distinctive ringtones

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