The Genisyst datacentre is located in Sydney’s premier datacentre, Global Switch. Our own routers, servers and network connections are installed there. It provides all the facilities we and our business customers require.

Global Switch Sydney is Australia's largest carrier-neutral facility - delivering highly resilient, secure IT space.

The datacentre is protected by resilient power and cooling systems, state-of-the-art security and fire protection,and N+1 provisioning on critical services. 24x7 operational control is maintained across the facility to ensure it is well managed, monitored and maintained. Features include:

  • diverse and durable power and cooling systems
  • the highest levels of security
  • sophisticated fire detection and suppression systems
  • resilient connectivity
  • 24x7 management, monitoring and maintenance of critical building services and equipment

The datacentre is designed and operated on a N+1 basis. This provides one standby unit in addition to the normal (N) operational requirement. Where one primary mains power feed is normal, we’ll provide two separate feeds: where one standby generator unit is required, we’ll provide an additional backup. N+1 minimum is standard across the datacentre critical service systems and equipment, including:

  • primary HV power
  • generators and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • A&B electrical switchboards
  • chillers and pumps
  • air handling equipment
  • fire detection and suppression

Security is a top priority too. Security requirements are balanced against the need for quick, easy access to our IT equipment. The security strategy maximises security, without compromising convenience. Key features of the multi-level security infrastructure include:

  • door access controls at main site and building entrances
  • proximity activation cards to authorise access levels
  • movement logs on all proximity card usage
  • internal and external CCTV cameras and digital image archiving
  • internal and external intruder detection devices
  • vehicle entrance barriers and secure loading bays
  • strict policies on handling customers’ postal packages
  • security systems linked to central BMS
  • 24x7 monitoring by dedicated security teams

All the critical building services are managed and monitored using highly sophisticated Building Management Systems.

These enable the on-site facilities management team to monitor all key parameters - from power supply to security access: 

  • audio and visual alarms in the event of discrepancies from the 'norm'
  • customer infrastructure interface to monitor individual room/suite systems
  • monitoring and management of power, cooling and humidity
  • power monitoring for consumption statistics and billing
  • leak detection from cooling systems
  • generation of system performance and facility data

You can see more information about Global Switch Sydney here.