Case Study 9: Noritsu

Noritsu is the Australian arm of the Japanese photo-processing company. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of professional photofinishing and digital imaging equipment with products that deliver unmatched productivity and versatility. They have been at the forefront of photo-processing technology ever since Noritsu’s founder, Kanichi Nishimoto, invented the automatic print washer in 1951. This Photo-processing technology company sought a well-supported, good value network.

The Situation: Noritsu required a network that they could rely on to communicate with their head office in Japan and they needed a connection to conduct their everyday business on. They needed some hardware, an encrypted connection, a place to host their website and a reliable email service. To simplify all this, they wanted to get it all from one supplier that would be able to provide them with ongoing support as needed.

Our Approach: To source appropriate hardware that would enable us to build an IPsec tunnel for Noritsu to send encrypted data to Japan. To set them up with a suitable connection to cope with their data and email requirements. To provide them with access to our servers to host their website and to make our technical staff available for support as required.

The Result: An ADSL router, a VPN router, and a value-for-money ADSL connection, including enough data for Noritsu’s requirements, were installed, and a VPN tunnel was built. In addition, over the years, Noritsu have upgraded their connection to ADSL2+, which has dramatically increased their speed while cutting their costs. An ftp account was created

for Noritsu, to give them access to Genisyst’s webserver in our Sydney data centre, and to enable them to upload their website for us to host. Genisyst also organises the periodic renewal of Noritsu’s domain name and hosts the domain on our DNS server and their email on our email server.