Case Study 7: Grosvenor Place

Grosvenor Place is a skyscraper in George Street, Sydney, which was designed by renowned architect Harry Seidler. This company needs to keep up to date with the ever-changing IT industry, evolving to use high-performance internet connections at value-for-money prices.

The Situation: Over 10 years ago Grosvenor Place wanted to be able to connect to the internet to perform some basic functions, such as emailing. Then, over the years, as technologies and the internet have grown, Grosvenor’s needs have also grown requiring greater speeds of connection and higher data-transfer rates.

Our Approach: To provide Grosvenor Place with value-for-money internet connections, along with professional technical support, advising them as new and improved technologies become available appropriate for their requirements.

The Result: Grosvenor Place started out with a simple dial-up connection, progressed with multiple ADSL connections, then took advantage of Open ADSL, allowing their cost to be halved while increasing their access speed. Along with their connections, Genisyst also takes care of registering Grosvenor’s domains and hosting their website.