Case Study 6: IPFX

IPFX is a unified communications based company which produces contact centre solutions using a range of VoIP applications and systems.

The Situation: The head office of IPFX is located in New Zealand, with offices in Australia, England and the USA. IPFX have customers all round the world, with whom they require to keep in contact. They also need an efficient way to send them large files as new software products are developed.

Our Approach: In order to keep IPFX in contact with their customers by a simple and efficient email system, Genisyst set up a geo-aware DNS which can determine the origin of the email sender, sort it accordingly, prioritise it and route it to the correct mail server, such that it ends up at the office which can best respond to that email. Genisyst also created a large FTP server, allowing secure access for IPFX customers to download appropriate software packages and patches.

The Result: IPFX can now advertise one email address for support, such as Depending on the origin of the email sender, the email is automatically routed to their closest mail server and sent on to the most appropriate office. Customers of IPFX can now also log into the FTP server on the Genisyst network from anywhere in the world and download

their files, such as new software patches, easily, efficiently and cost-effectively.