Case Study 5: Affinity Insurance Services

Affinity Insurance Services is a family owned Insurance Broking firm, an Authorised Representative of National Adviser Services (NAS Insurance Brokers) and holds a Credit Representative Number in accordance with the ASIC Australian Credit License requirements for the provision of Premium Funding. They are able to service most industries covering the majority of the east coast of NSW, and large areas of Victoria.

The Situation: Affinity Insurance Services, with offices in Port Macquarie, Gosford, Kiama, Bega and Ringwood, wanted a virtual private network (VPN). Each office required internet access and secure access to a central server running business applications, with high-speed internet access to remote sites from the server itself. In addition, more recently, Affinity has required cost-effective phone services, including a 1300 number that when dialled from anywhere within Australia, from a land-line or mobile, would be routed to the most appropriate office.

Our Approach: Genisyst installed Affinity’s server computer, together with a dedicated internet firewall, in our data centre at GlobalSwitch in Sydney where it is connected to the internet via our high-speed fibre connection. This server hosts their company-wide email server. An MPLS VPN connection into each office was implemented in order to connect them to

Sydney via cost-effective ADSL connections with private-IP addresses. Also, Genisyst installed cost-effective PSTN phone lines with PABXs at each office and set-up the routing table for the 1300 number to enable calls to be directed to a particular office depending on the point of origin of the call.

The Result: Affinity Insurance Services now have the advantage of security and centralised management of web-browsing and email, without the overhead of the data encryption required with standard VPNs. In addition, the dedicated firewall provides each office with internet data over the same ADSL connection, thus achieving a cost-effective solution. Their sophisticated phone system allows Affinity to advertise a single 1300 number across Australia while being able to receive their calls at the most appropriate office, closest to the point of origin of the call. Also, at times when an office is busy or closed, the calls will automatically flow on to head-office for answering.

 Letter of Recommendation, Jacob Ross, Director, Affinity Insurance Services