Case Study 3: Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union

The Situation: The AMWU is head-quartered in Granville, Sydney, with fifteen state and regional offices. The Union has a team of Organisers who need to work from multiple locations including head-office, any of the regional offices and their homes. The challenge was to allow external access to the organizations systems without compromising the security of the organizational network.

Our Approach: Genisyst worked with the AMWU to implement an Australia-wide wireless network with authenticated access for the Union’s team of two hundred Organisers to head-office and branch-office computer systems. In essence a combined network consisting of interfaced internal and external intranets was created.

The Result: Genisyst now performs network management of the wireless access points and provides the AMWU with control of user access form their central head office. Any of the Union’s Organizers can now take his or her laptop to any of the offices and log on to the AMWU network, with authentication, using a wireless connection. At their homes the Organisers can connect to the AMWU network by an ADSL connection. Their work for the Union is now no further than a click away - efficient, secure and cost-effective.