Case Study 2: Caltex Calstores

 Caltex, one of Australia’s best-known companies, owns and operates 90 stores through its 100%-owned subsidiary Calstores Pty Ltd. These are located throughout NSW, Qld, WA, VIC and SA.

The Situation: In conjunction with Woolworths, Caltex established the Calstore network of service stations across Australia and required secure access to the internet with staff-access control, email facilities and the provision of secure communication between head-office and each service station. They also required the facility to add Calstores to the network on a regular and frequent basis as well as the ability to move company stores into the franchised sector of the business.

Our Approach: Genisyst hosts the Calstore server and firewall at our data-centre in Sydney providing direct access to the internet for each of the Calstores, which are connected to our data-centre by a Genisyst-designed

Private IP Network. This provides virus-scanning and SPAM-tagging of emails and internet access, protected by a managed firewall with web-blocking facilities. Staff-access control facilities are also provided as part of Genisyst’s network management service.

The Result: Genisyst’s facilities provide the Calstores with worry-free, efficient and effective network management and a very simple process for managing changes to the network. As a large corporate entity Caltex undergo rigorous, externally performed, data security audits to ISO standards on a regular basis. Genisysts’ network continues to pass these tests without fail while providing a simple, user friendly process for managing day to day changes to the network and firewall system.