Case Study 1: Clark Equipment

Clark Equipment is an Australian manufacturer and distributor of equipment for the construction, infrastructure, agriculture, mining, industrial and commercial sectors.

The Situation: When Genisyst first met Clark Equipment in 1998, they were looking for connections to the internet for email and web browsing. Over the following twelve years their requirements have grown substantially with their business, with facilities for multiple offices across Australia and ever increasing demands for faster connections for more staff, both in the office and at home, data security requirements, control over web browsing and off-site equipment hosting and management. The diverse geographical locations of Clark Equipment’s factories, depots and offices have presented particular challenges for the provision of sophisticated network management facilities.

Our Approach: Technology has developed dramatically over the period of Genisyst’s involvement with Clark Equipment and our approach has been to take advantage of new technology to provide the cost-effective facilities for Clark Equipment’s ever increasing requirements.

The Result: Clark Equipment’s network connections have been progressively upgraded from dial-up, through ISDN, ADSL1, SHDSL, X163, iBurst, to a diverse and sophisticated network of ADSL2, 3G mobile broadband, wired and wireless Ethernet connections. Genisyst hosts their company-wide firewall in its Sydney data-centre to provide secure inter-

office VPN facilities and control access to and from the internet and manages the company’s email servers as part of its wide-ranging network management solution. Clark Equipment’s requirement for a disaster recovery solution has been met by the hosting of a duplicate system in our Sydney data-centre to mirror their own head-office facilities. These developments have allowed Clark Equipment to manage the growth in their geographically-challenging business cost-effectively using Genisyst’s network management skills and facilities.

Quote: “Genisyst has been a most trustworthy and reliable supplier of network management services over a twelve year period who we’ve been able to rely on with complete confidence.” - Yvette Bowan, IT Manager, Clark Equipment.